How To Pick Your Perfect Bikini


Hey guuyysss!!

Welcome back and happy vacation! Today, we will be learning how to pick your perfect bikini since it is definitely bikini season and we all wonder what shapes would look better on us and which ones definitely don’t!

That being said, you wear you and can choose anything you want! But there are a few tips & tricks that can be useful when trying to pick your perfect bikini!

The first thing will be to know your body type! And for that, whether you’ve been here before and remember, or are new around (Hiiii! Nice to meet you!), there is always Clothes Call to save us!

For my newbies, Clothes Call is a styling series I started a few months ago in order for you to be able to style yourself! You can find the Learn Shape post right here :)

Once you’ve gotten familiar with that, it should be easier to follow this video and get help on how to pick the perfect piece that will make your vacation that much better! 😀

Speaking of which, where are you guys going this summer?! Are you going to be spending all your time reading a book or playing volley at the beach? Or are you going to be out and about in the city?

Let me know down below and I will be back very soon! :)

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