HUGE SUMMER TRY-ON HAUL – Free People, Tally Weijl, Pull & Bear & MORE!!

July 25, 2016


Hey guys :)

How is your week going so far?!

I just came out with a new YouTube video, whoohoo!! I thought I would try and do a Summer try-on haul for you guys to show you what I’ve recently purchased!

Since I will soon be going on vacation, I wanted to get new bikinis and ended up buying so much more than that (isn’t that the story of our lives?)


Here is the list of the items I show you in this video (in order of appearance):

– Free People White Romance Romper
– Action Gray Cardigan
– Action Blue Maxi Dress
– Pull & Bear Tye Dye Off The Shoulder Dress
– Bershka Bat Sleeve Blouse With Coin Detail
– Mon Petit Bikini White Crochet 1-Piece Suit
– Tally Weijl Triangle Bikini Top & Bottom
– Tally Weijl Tie Back Sleeveless Bustier Top
– Tally Weijl White Beachwear Poncho
– Tally Weijl Black Crochet Shorts with Fringe
– Tally Weijl White & Pink Sleeveless Fringe Top
– Mango Stud Cross Body Bag
– Tally Weijl Black & White Clutch Bag
– Quay Australia Estelle Laser Cut Detail Frames
– Quay Australia My Girl Marble & Silver
– Parfois Rounded Black & Gold Sunglasses
– Tally Weijl Black Ankle-High Sandals
– Tally Weijl Black Platform Sandals


I hope you guys will enjoy this video! Are you going anywhere this summer? What have you recently bought that you would like to take with you on vacation?!

Tell me everything in the comments below and thank you so much for watching <3

Tips & Tricks

Easy DIY Sugar Scrub

July 14, 2016


Hey guys!!

So, it was recently one of my dear friend’s birthday and, as part of her birthday presents, I was just in the mood of making a DIY body scrub! We all know that girls love that kind of stuff, right?! AND it’s super fun / easy to make so I thought: why not?

Here are the steps I used to I made this easy DIY sugar scrub using ingredients you can all find in your kitchen! Also, this recipe is great because you can pretty much replace the “secondary” ingredients by anything you want!


  • a – cute – jar
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 to 2 or more cups of granulated sugar (depending on how coarse you want it to be!)


  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract (optional)
  • 8-10 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil (can be replaced with any essential oil)
  • a few drops of food coloring (depends on the color you want to achieve!)




Summer vibes definitely got me going for this recipe and I thought all ingredients combined together would basically smell like a nice beach day! Ylang Ylang being a yellow flower from Tahiti, I decided to go for a yellow-ish orange color since I liked it better than bright yellow.

I started by putting the sugar into a big mixing bowl. To make mixing everything together easier, I decided to heat the coconut oil up for about 30 seconds. Once it will be sitting in the jar for a while, it will go back to being solid and you’ll have a true sugar scrub!


After mixing well, I added the vanilla, the Ylang Ylang essential oil and a few drops of food coloring!


I finally poured the mix into cute little jars 😊 I made a full size one for my friend and kept some in a jar for me to try it.




The Aftermath: 3 things I noticed

1. After this picture I took of my weird-looking leg, I bumped into many, many things before reaching my shower 😌. The huge plus for me is that the sugar stays on your skin and doesn’t fall off! You really have to scrub to get it out 😉

2. The smell of Ylang Ylang overpowers the rest when opening the container. However, once the skin is dry, you are left with a really subtle smell that’s closer to coconut!

3. Before making the scrub, I really wondered if the coconut oil was going to make my skin greasy and sticky. It’s such a nice surprise to find out that it actually makes it really smooth and moisturized!

So how did you guys like this DIY? Are you thinking of trying it at home? What would YOU put in it?

Let me know in the comments below!! Also, be sure to tell me if you want to see more things like this in the future!

Thank you for reading 💖


Interview on Global Garbs!

July 6, 2016


Hey guuyyysss!!

How is this week treating you?!

I have very exciting news to share with you! The wonderful Lauren over at Global Garbs interviewed me on her website!!
So feel free to check it out…


I tell you everything that there is to know about my current life, projects to come and trying to balance a full-time job while being a blogger and a stylist as well!

Please let me know what you think below, you would make my day! :)


In other news, I have been planning to release a few DIYs and Summer tips and tricks in the next few weeks, still trying to organize it all but it should be coming oh so soon and I can’t wait for you to check them out and maybe learn a thing or too!

I am also getting super excited to talk about my bigger life projects with you, as I did briefly mention here once or twice, and in this interview. They will be coming soon but I don’t want to spoil anything for now haha

Make sure you stay tuned for more and, if you have any suggestions, any videos or blog posts you would like me to release, an issue that you want me to write or talk about…be sure to let me know down below and I will do my best to answer those for you!

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon <3


The Summer Set Interview + Concert

July 3, 2016


Hey guuuyyyysss!!

So a little while ago, my friend Sophia and I went to Leeds to interview the band The Summer Set. They were kind enough to answer our serious – and not so serious – questions and we had a blast getting crazy at the concert that followed too!

Check out the vlog I made while we were over there (with a little bonus of London ;-P) and I will see you around soon :)

Thank you <3

Tips & Tricks

Hairstyle Frenzy – Courtesy of my Instagram Account

June 5, 2016


Helloooo beautiful people!!

So lately, I have been noticing that my hairstyles have been what it’s about on my Instagram account! I get tons of comments about my hair – I do spend a lot of time taking care of it so I have to admit that feels great haha

Therefore, I thought that I would share a few of my favorite hairstyles to do on here as well, and tell you how I have achieved them (the photos are not super high quality so I do have to apologize for that) !! Let’s go!



regular blowout


This is probably the easiest hairstyle ever! I just take medium sections of mildly wet hair, blow-dry each one with my big round brush and then, while the hair is still hot, I spin it around my fingers and pin it in place on top of my head. When all the sections are done, I usually do my make up, which gives my hair enough time to cool down. Then I take all the pins out, put my hair into place and voila! Just like a salon blowout 😉



flatiron waves


This is a great hairstyle for when you don’t have a curling iron lying around or if, like me, you don’t think curling iron waves last long enough!
Basically, all you have to do here is take small to medium sections of hair and twist your flatiron onward then outward – over and over again – to give it that wave vibe! I do it from the roots to get more volume up there but that is totally up to you!



half up half down with braids

Hairstyle to do on 2nd or 3rd day hair with flatiron waves.
Here, I took the front sections of my hair, teased them a little bit and pined them in the back of my head. Then – and I know you can’t see this so well on the picture – I took one medium section on each side, braided them and teased the braids all the way to the top. It gave a twist to the classic hairstyle and also gave it more volume!



long ponytail

Hairstyle to do on 2nd or 3rd day hair with a classic blowout.
I started by teasing the crown of my hair a little bit. I took the top half of my hair and put it into a ponytail. I made sure to pull the hair in the front to give the pony more volume and keep it messy-looking. I then pulled out a few sections in the front and I was done :)



half up fishtail braid

Hairstyle to do on 2nd or 3rd day hair with a classic blowout.
I started by taking the exact same steps as with the hairstyle you saw before. Then, I started fishtail braiding the ponytail section. I made sure to do it backwards, in front of a mirror, basically braiding on top of my head. I secured it with an elastic and tried to make it as big as possible by pulling the braid apart!



two braids half up with bun

Hairstyle to do on 2nd or 3rd day hair with straight hair.
I parted my hair on the side I usually wear it. Then, starting from the crown in the middle of my hair, I did 2 different braids. I pinned them in the back along with my bangs. With the rest of that hair and a few other sections, I secured with an elastic and turned it into a messy bun!



fishtail crown

Hairstyle to do on 2nd or 3rd day hair with flatiron waves.
And last but not least, the braided crown! This is probably my favorite hairstyle to do lately! I parted my hair on the side I usually do, like for the previous hairstyle. I left a few curled sections out in the front and started fishtail braiding one medium section on each side. I secured them with elastics and took the braids apart to make them bigger. I then joined them together and pined the ends of the fishtail under the bigger parts of the braid (I also took the elastics out). I secured that with a triangle of bobby pins in the back (I do not own a triangle one, I created the triangle with 3 simple bobby pins). I took the leftover sections in the front, twisted and teased them, and pinned them under the braid as well! And voila :)


I hope you guys enjoyed all these hairstyles!! Which one is your fave?!
I know that it might not be so easy to recreate them by following a written tutorial so do tell me if you would like to see these on my YouTube channel :)
Thank you for reading and being more and more on my Instagram account, it means a lot <3

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