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learn shape


And we are back!! :)


How was your week guys? Did do you anything fun?! Did you have time to read part 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this series so far?


Today, in this new episode of Clothes Call, we will talk about how to learn shape! We all know there are different body types, and there is no point in denying our body type in order to fit into what skinny models wear in magazines. Although, you could very well be extremely thin and have to dress accordingly, most of the time, we all struggle with what to wear and how. We have all asked ourselves the same questions and have all wondered why, when you try on a certain pair of jeans for example, it fits at the waist and not at the hips, or vice versa.


Well, today, after you read this article, I am hoping you will have a better idea as to what your general body type/shape is. In the next few weeks, we will then be learning about what to wear according to our colors and our body type!


For now, let’s start with our 6 main body types:


1- Neat Hourglass:

The neat hourglass is considered to be THE easiest body type to dress. It is the “you can wear anything” type. How to know if you are a neat hourglass? Very simple! If you are, you would wear the same size top and bottom, you would have a defined waist (about 12 inches/30cm smaller than your shoulders and hips), a defined bust AND defined hips/bottom. Basically, your body forms a perfect X, you are the woman who has it all! Celebrities rocking this body type: Jessica Biel, Megan Fox – for the skinnier – Scarlett Johansson or Beyoncé – for the fleshier ones.


2- Full Hourglass:

Much like the neat hourglass, the full hourglass is all about having really balanced proportions. The only difference is the curves. Someone with a full hourglass body type will have a fuller bust and hips but will still have a very defined waist! It is a very, very feminine body type and has been the object of many great paintings and sculptures over the years! Celebrities rocking this body type: Kim Kardashian would be the most famous one, Christina Hendricks, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.


3- Triangle:

The triangle, or the pear as some people also call it, is a more of an unbalanced body type than the 2 previous ones, which gives you an extra excuse to wear crazier jackets and patterns up top! 😉 If you are a triangle, it means that you wear a larger size at the bottom than at the top, you still have a defined waist and your shoulders are smaller than your hips/bottom which are fullerCelebrities rocking this body type: Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Shakira.


4- Oval:

Do you have a large bust, narrow hips but a full midsection? Then you are probably an oval. Women with an oval body type also tend to have a full but short neck, a full face and generally gain weight mostly in the stomach area and upper body. The key here will be to give the illusion of a defined waist and show those shapely legs that you’ve got! Celebrities rocking this body type: Melissa McCarthy, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Hudson and Oprah.


5- Rectangle:

The rectangle body shape, also called H, is characterized by little to no waist definition, straight upper body and straight hips. Since the main issue a rectangle could face is the lack of curves, your goal will be to give the illusion that you are curvier with your clothes! Celebrities rocking this body type: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Kate Bosworth and Keira Knightley.


6- Inverted Triangle:

The last body we will talk about today is the inverted triangle, which is the opposite of the triangle as you probably understood! Someone with this body type generally has a very squared shoulder line, little to no waist definition, flat hips/bottom and long amazing legs. Celebrities rocking this body type: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and Naomi Campbell.


Have you guys found out what you are yet?! Do you face any specific issues with your body type? If you still need some help or advice, make sure to comment below or shoot me an email with the “contact” section! :)

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